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Physio Logic 'Accuflex 5' Second Flexible Digital Thermometer
The Accuflex® 5 flexible digital thermometer provides clinically proven accuracy in just under 5..
AU$15.45 AU$13.95
Ex Tax: AU$12.68
Physio Logic 'ProScan' Non Contact Multi-Use Thermometer
3 in 1 Thermometer: Body, Room, Liquids and surfaces Non-contact infrared probe Professio..
Ex Tax: AU$86.32
Physio Logic 'Insta-therm Quick Scan' Non Contact ear/forehead Thermometer
This thermometer’s innovative design offers 2 convenient and accurate ways to measure body temp..
Ex Tax: AU$45.41
Fever Bugz® Stick on Fever Indicators
BUY 2 OR MORE PACKS FOR 50% OFF ($8 PER PACK) Packet: 8 bugz stickers per pack Fever-Bugz..
Ex Tax: AU$9.05
Physio Logic EssentiA Blood Pressure Monitor with Universal Arm Cuff
Large easy to read screen Multi-user (4 x 30 memories) Heart rate indicator ..
Ex Tax: AU$63.59
Physio Logic Universal Arm Cuff Only (22-42 cm)
Arm cuff size (measure upper arm circumference): 8.6 inches to 16.5 inches (22 to 42 cm) ww..
Ex Tax: AU$15.91
Physio Logic LuminaA Blood Pressure Monitor with Universal SizeArm Cuff
This top of the line blood pressure monitor is completely automatic. Once the user is specified, ..
Ex Tax: AU$81.77
Physio Logic 'SignA' Blood Pressure Monitor with Medium Size Arm Cuff
The signA™ Blood Pressure Monitor has a multi function display with daily reminder alert. ..
Ex Tax: AU$86.32