Urban Poling™ Adventure Seiries (Pair)

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Our compact Adventure Series poles are an attractive option for the active traveler – whether packing for a cruise, a mountain hike or a trek on the West Coast Trail. They collapse 20% shorter than our 2-section poles and come with both snow baskets and trekking baskets for snowshoeing and hiking.

Featuring a beautiful west coast graphic by Canadian Illustrator Dale McGregor, these premium-quality Urban Poles are built for fitness and engineered for performance, safety and comfort.

Burn up to 46% more calories than walking without poles, and easily strengthen your core with the help of our unique strapless ergonomic handle that engages your core muscles as you walk.

  • Urban Poling online video instruction
  • Anti-vibration features and secure locking system
  • 3-section collapsible poles, adjustable to walker heights of 4'2" to 6'2"
  • Ergonomic strapless handle for injury prevention
  • Comes with snow baskets and trekking baskets

Planning a trip? Tell us about your adventures and we would love to post your story on our blog.


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