• TrustCare® Let's Enjoy Black (Shower Stool with handles)
  • TrustCare® Let's Enjoy Black (Shower Stool with handles)

TrustCare® Let's Enjoy Black (Shower Stool with handles)

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Let's Enjoy is a new shower chair with a modern design intended for use in the shower or bathroom. The chair has a beautiful and sturdy construction for safe and secure use. The legs are easily adjustable to the desired height with a simple push button. The chair is designed especially to facilitate cleaning of sensative areas.

Let's enjoy black bath stool height

The stool is easily adjusted with a secure push button. The button also has a security slot built in as extra security. The button locks up against the edge of the hole when the user sits on the seat.

Let's enjoy black bath stool rubber

Rubber feet have a secure grip pattern to give the best possible footing in the bathroom.

Let's enjoy black bath stool packaging

Supplied in a flat-pack package. Easy to assemble. Use and care instructions included.

Let's enjoy black bath stool functions

The stool is designed so that water easily runs off it so that it feels comfortable to sit on.

Let's enjoy black bath stool sit

The stool is contoured and smooth and is comfortable to sit on. The angles of the legs provide a safe and stable stance.


Facts and technical data

Dimensions and weight

Height 42-53 cm
Seats 52x37 cm
Weight 3 kg

Tested and certified

Let's Enjoy is tested according to ISO EN 12182:2012 and is approved for a user weight up to 150 kg. It is also CE marked.


Let’s Enjoy has a two year guarantee.


Supplied unassembled in the box. Installation instructions are included.



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